RJS Racing Equipment is a family-owned manufacturer of safety equipment for all types of racing, such as: Stock Car Racing, Indy Racing, Drag Racing, Off-Road, and more. RJS also manufactures safety equipment, restraints and accessories for the stunt industry, movie production studios, law enforcement, emergency responders, the military and aerospace industries. Established in 1959, RJS Racing Equipment has become an industry leader, with over 50 years of industry experience and the knowledge to innovate products to meet the needs of all types racing today.
Sanctioning Bodies
RJS Racing Equipment knows that in order to meet the needs of our racing clients, we need to meet the strict specifications and guidelines of racing’s sanctioning bodies. Therefore, all of RJS Racing's equipment meets and exceeds current racing association specifications and regulations. Please visit our ‘Sanctioning Bodies’ section of the RJS website, to view a complete list of organizations and links to their specific websites. | Click Here To View All |
Domestic and International Shipping
If you have a set of R.J.S. Racing Equipment Seatbelts, or R.J.S. Driving Suit that is out of date – we can help! We can re-certify these items for much less than the cost of buying new ones! Just give us a call, or email us for all the details! Don’t have an R.J.S. Product but still need re-dating? R.J.S. will give you a trade-in credit towards a new set of R.J.S. Belts or Driving Suit!
5 pt Stock Car Harness - Cam Lock